AWAMS Integration Testing & Deployment Summer 2022

Over the past 6 months TechWorks Marine and the DCU Water Institute have been working together to deliver a final deployment as part of their project goals.

In that time, a number of reliability studies have been carried out in the lab to validate the sensors against existing oceanographic sensors such as the EXO2 sonde developed by YSI. These have indicated excellent comparisons between the sensors when tested using turbidity and chlorophyll standards at multiple concentrations. Once this was completed the teams came together to carry out a second deployment in Dun Laoighaire harbour. This was done over a number of weeks and the outputs were very successful.

Looking ahead to the final few weeks of the project the teams will engage the sensor network in a number of use cases where we will activate all sensors in a range of locations off the Irish coast to gather information in a number of settings and scenarios.

A-WaMs Sensor

TechWorks Marine MiniBuoy

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