TechWorks Marine have often been contracted to conduct Vessel Mounted (VM) ADCP surveys

TechWorks Marine have often been contracted to conduct Vessel Mounted (VM) ADCP surveys.

An Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) is a hydroacoustic current meter that measures water current velocities over a depth range using the Doppler effect of sound waves scattered back from particles within the water column. The vessel mounted ADCPs can be used as an alternative to deploying a fixed ADCP frame which requires more licensing. The VMADCPs can be used to capture currents at static locations or across different locations at regular intervals across the tidal cycle. The data from this can then be used to calibrate hydrodynamic models and deliver a better understanding of current activity in the area. This is gathered alongside water quality data, including water sampling and water profiles of temperature, salinity and conductivity.

The Vessel Mounted ADCPS require the instrument to be mounted and strapped to the side of the vessel. From here the instrument captures tidal current data down to the seafloor.

A recent survey we conducted was in Fenit Harbour, Tralee. The aim of the project was to capture current data alongside water quality profiles and sampling to provide a greater understanding of effluent dispersal in coastal areas. The sampling was conducted over a 13hour period to capture an entire tidal cycle. It involved roaming between three sites sampling at regular intervals and was carried out by our field team marine scientists.


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