Offshore Renewable Energy

An accurate understanding of metocean data is essential to the success of all marine renewable projects. This information will serve to characterise the available resource for energy yield, the design requirements for survivability of the project and the strategy for maintenance and accessibility.

This data is necessary throughout the life cycle of a renewable energy project from site characterisation and environmental impact assessment through to decommissioning. TechWorks Marine have a strong background in oceanography and can support clients in all stages of the life cycle of the project. Required monitoring programmes for each of the key specific stages include:

We can assist in the following areas:

  • Metocean surveys (ADCP, Wave, CTD, Meteorological),
  • Provision of metocean monitoring equipment (ADCP’s; CTD; Spectral Wave sensors)
  • Acoustic surveys (both PAM and CPOD’s)
  • ROV Inspection (device and structural assessments)
  • Data management and dissemination, quality assurance, maintenance of web portal
  • Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments

Recent projects include:

  • ADCP deployments for Engie, France on Tidal Sites.
  • ADCP deployments for Openhydro/DCNS on Tidal sites in France, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
  • Metocean Survey for the Offshore Wind Sector, Ireland