Earth Observation

Satellite Ocean Products

TechWorks Marine has a multi-disciplinary Satellite Remote sensing team, with expertise in Visible, Infrared, Altimeter, Scatterometer and SAR satellite data products for ocean and atmosphere.  In addition to providing clients with bespoke Earth Observation data products and services, we are assimilating satellite data into the WAVEWATCH III wave model and can provide clients with merged satellite and model data products and services.

CoastEye , our data access web portal can be used as as decision support tool, offering access to high quality satellite data for our customers. 

Ongoing projects

It is important for satellite information to be validated by the use of ground (or ocean-based) data. TechWorks Marine are carrying out a number of projects on the fusion of data from space and ground. Our CoastEO project, funded by the European Space Agency, aims to provide validated water quality information using a combination of satellite data from the Copernicus programme and in-situ data from our proprietary MiniBuoy platforms. More information on this project can be found here.

TechWorks Marine have also been awarded a Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund grant, in partnership with DCU Water Institute, on the development of a decision support system for monitoring water quality. More information on this project can be found on the project website.


Wave Modelling

The wave model experts at TechWorks Marine offer bespoke hindcast modelling services for any marine application. We use state-of-the-art models to generate data anywhere in the world, with a high level of scientific and technical knowledge to get the best possible results.

We can offer a completely integrated service for our wave products, as we can provide in situ validation for them anywhere in the world using our integrated monitoring solutions , so that the accuracy of the product delivered meets our customers’ needs.