Data Buoys

We have been supplying clients with real-time integrated monitoring products and services since 2005.  Our integrated solutions are based around our range of Data Acquisition and Transmission Systems . The TMBB system is a high performance, low power, rugged unit (IP68) that can be customized for a variety of uses (read more about it here )

Data can be sent to shore via various telemetry methods including GPRS, WiFi, HSDPA and Iridium, and UHF modem.  Over the years, TechWorks Marine has gained extensive experience in integrating various sensors to operate with our TMBB range for a variety of applications, the list below shows some of the applications for the TMBB systems:

  • Meteorology Arrays
  • Current Profiling
  • Directional Wave
  • Water Quality
  • Climate monitoring
  • Remote Sensing ground truthing
  • National Observing Networks

As well as types of sensors integrated into the TMBB system, for the above applications:

  • Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) sensors
  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence sensors
  • Turbidity sensors
  • Carbon Dissolved Organic Matter sensors
  • Partial Pressure Carbon Dioxide sensors
  • Nitrate sensors
  • Automated Water Samplers (rule based or manual trigger options)
  • Inductive Modems
  • Live Video

It also offers features to safeguard the collection of data and the collection platform:

  • GPS Trackers
  • Impact Detection System
  • Platform Health Systems
  • Security Systems

We also offer our clients full end-to-end product and service provision, providing them with  a secure user friendly interface through which they can access their remote data stations and manage, analyse and download data from.

TechWorks Marine recently provided SMHI (The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrographic Institute) with the CODAS monitoring buoy network for the Swedish Coastline, this contract included both the provision of the moored buoy network but also the full data managment/visualiation portal.