Data Acquisition Systems

Real-time data acquisition and transmission system is designed for use in hostile environments and can accommodate various sensor inputs and configuration to measure various environmental conditions. Data can be communicated using telemetry appropriate to site location (VHF, GSM, WiFi, WiMax, Iridium etc.) and displayed via our secure marine data platforms management software.  Users are able to remotely control the on board TMBB platform controller from the base station, changing sampling intervals and also trouble shooting any issues that may arise, this feature is beneficial as resources are not consumed on field visits.

TMBB 5 - Tracker

The TMBB 5 is our second generation tracking system which monitors the position of your floating asset and alerting you in the case of unwanted events.

    GSM or Iridium Communication
    Low Power
    Self Contained
    Web Based Tracking/Configuration

TMBB 20 - Platform Controller

The TMBB 20 is a small and flexible configurable platform controller for applications requiring real-time monitoring.

    Multiple Inputs
    Flexible Telemetry Options
    Flexible Sampling Setup
    On-board data backup

TMBB 30 - Extended Connectivity

The TMBB 30 privdes the user with a versatile solution for data acquisition, telemetry and remote platform control.

    Large Input capability
    Flexible Telemetry Options
    Flexible Sampling Setup
    On-board data backup

TMBB 40 - Dual Redundancy

The TMBB 40 was designed for offshore applications where data reliability is paramount.

    Backup system ensures data is retrieved and transmitted
    Multiple inputs
    Flexible Telemetry Options
    Flexible Sampling Setup

This product range can be sourced as a stand-alone units or custom integrated with the clients selection of required metocean equipment. Examples of instrumentation and sensors that can be integrated into TMBB systems include:

    Met. Station
    Current Profilers
    Directional Wave sensors
    Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) sensors
    Fluorescence sensors
    Turbidity sensors
    Carbon Dioxide sensors
    Nitrate sensors
    Automated Water Samplers (rule based or manual trigger options)
    Live Video

Any combination of inputs can be accommodated; previously TechWorks has created custom TMBB systems for inputs as diverse as video, as well as marine noise monitoring.