Ports and Harbours

TechWorks Marine can assist in the provision of monitoring equipment and metocean survey services for the development and management of ports and harbours. Port and harbour developments typically require strict environmental criteria to be satisfied prior to, during and post construction. TechWorks Marine can offer established ports ongoing monitoring systems that can be used as highly beneficial tools in decision making and managing port operations.


We can assist in the following areas:

  • Provision and/or ongoing management of real time water quality and weather monitoring systems (Real time Wave Height and Direction, Wind data, Tide data)
  • Metocean Data Acquisition (metocean and environmental, water and sediment sampling)
  • Hydrographic Survey (site investigation, dredge, sedimentation and scour monitoring)
  • ROV Inspection (vessel and structural assessments, dive and salvage operations)
  • Live Video Links (port operations, security using infra-red and visible cameras)
  • Navigational and Berthing Systems (real-time metocean data with telemetry link to pilots)
  • Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and Aids to Navigation (port operations)
  • Data management and dissemination (quality assurance, maintenance of web-portal)
  • Reporting

Recent projects:

  1. Tide Gauge, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.
  2. ROV provision to the Commissioners of Irish Lights, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.
  3. Provision of an integrated monitoring system for Fair Head Harbour, data telemetry incldued AIS, FairHead, Scotland.