TechWorks Marine can assist in the following areas:

  • Provision and/or ongoing management of integrated real-time water quality and weather monitoring stations (including buoys, data loggers and scientific sensors)
  • Metocean surveys (metocean and environmental, water and sediment sampling)
  • Hydrographic Survey (site investigations)
  • Benthic Survey
  • ROV Inspections (habitat, structural and net assessments)
  • Live Video Links (security using infra-red and visible cameras)
  • Data management and decision support systems (quality assurance, maintenance of web-portal)
  • Reporting

Jellyfish are quickly being realised as a significant problem for coastal communities worldwide, causing huge economic loss to a variety of activities, particularly aquaculture and tourism. TechWorks Marine has been actively involved in developing innovative solutions within the EOJELLY and JELLYFOR projects which aim to effectively forecast jellyfish blooms. Our involvement in these EU-funded research programmes provides tangible added value in providing services to the aquaculture industry.

Recent projects:

  1. The Euripides funded JELLYFOR project, TechWorks Marine deployed one of their coastal monitoring buoys in Lough Swilly, Donegal, Ireland.  This platform has been transmitting valuable oceanographic data for 18 months to Marine Harvest, Ireland, which was used to validate a Jellyfish forecast model.
  2. TechWorks Marine carried out a video survey of the seabed as part of an Environmental Impact Statement for a salmon farm in Bantry Bay, Cork, Ireland.
  3. Provision of a real-time water quality monitoring system for Salmon farms in Ireland.  This system provided salmon producers with invaluable data on Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll and Salinity levels.