TechWorks Marine kicks off new ESA contract to develop an E. coli Alert Data Service (EADS)

TechWorks Marine have been awarded funding by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop an E. coli Alert Data Service (EADS) using in-situ and satellite-derived measurements of Irish coastal waters.

Our coastal waters are an important source of recreation for many, providing benefits to both physical and mental well-being. However, there may be adverse health effects associated with recreational use if the water is polluted. Over a four year period (Jan 2017 – Dec 2020), approximately 8.875 million cubic metres of raw sewage was discharged into Dublin Bay alone, causing serious environmental and public health issues.

TechWorks Marine, in collaboration with ESA, will examine historical and current data to establish relationships between in-situ measurements of E. coli and satellite-derived (optical, SAR, thermal) measurements of water quality in Irish coastal waters. An E. coli Alert Data Service (EADS) will be developed allowing for the identification of potential E. coli events, as well as the provision of actionable, timely information to the public and key stakeholders.

The project is being funded through ESA’s permanently open call.

If you would like more information on this project, please get in touch with us via phone (+353 1 2365990) or email.

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A member of our Field Team after completing a long day of water sampling in the Boyne Estuary recently. @TechWorksMarine are proud to be working with @EPAIreland to help monitor the condition of Ireland's coastal water bodies.

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