Marine Data Acquisition Software

TMCC is a data acquisition and marine platform management software developed in-house as part of the integrated monitoring solution offered by TechWorks Marine.

TMCC is a web based software that can be provided through a Software-as-a-Service model or integrated with existing corporate ICT infrastructures.

The functionalities of the TMCC software cover all aspects of data acquisition process including:

  • Monitoring of Data Acqusition Platform
  • Remote-Controlling of Data Acquisition parameters
  • Data storage, analysis and presentation

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Monitor and manage deployed platforms

  • Track current activity
  • Monitor health of the systems and investigate Issues
  • Monitor location of the platform (Watch Circle)

Collect, visualise and work with data

  • Create your own dashobards and visualisations (profiles)
  • Disseminate data selectively to relevant users
  • Analyse temportal data
  • Annotate data and collaborate with other users

Real-time Remote Control

  • Change platform settings remotely
  • Adapt telemetry to your particular conditions (Iridium, GSM, WiFi)