Remote Sensing Products

We have in-house experience with different types of remote sensing data to monitor the offshore and coastal environments. From satellites, we can provide Visible, Infrared, Altimeter, Scatterometer and SAR satellite data products, which give information on both the ocean environment and on offshore winds.

Our experience extends over all aspects of data collection, processing, management, visualization and analysis. CoastEye, our data webportal allows our customers access to high quality satellite data as a decision support tool , providing resource assessment for marine energy and environmental data on coastal waters to protect this rich ecosystem. The portal allows easy, intuitive access to spatial data as well as tools to analyze the data, creating time series at certain locations and doing statistical analysis over regions.

A number of data products are already available through this secure web portal. These are updated daily and historical archives of satellite data go back for decades to monitor change detection over time. The following satellite data products can be made available on CoastEye over the global oceans:

  • Sea surface temperature
  • Chlorophyll-a
  • Turbidity
  • Total suspended matter
  • Sea surface salinity
  • Significant wave height
  • Wave period
  • Sea surface height (for offshore ocean currents, fronts and eddies)
  • Offshore winds
  • Shallow water bathymetry
  • Shallow water bottom type
  • Oil slick detection and monitoring

Full technical support to understand these products and the best practice for particular applications is available, as well as bespoke GIS and data analysis and management services.

We can offer a completely integrated service for these data products, providing in situ validation for them anywhere in the world, so that the accuracy of the product delivered meets your needs.