TechWorks Marine wins €1.8M contract to monitor Dublin Bay

TechWorks Marine Limited announced today the launch of four of its new CoastEye Monitoring buoys in Dublin Bay.  TechWorks Marine has been contracted by Dublin Port Company to provide these monitoring platforms as part of the comprehensive environmental monitoring being carried out by Dublin Port Company during the Port’s Alexandra Basin Redevelopment Project.

Assisted by the ILV Granuaile from the Commissioners of Irish Lights, TechWorks’ CoastEye buoys are being positioned strategically within the Bay to give real-time detailed sea-state data on turbidity, wave and current profiles. The buoys will also provide a platform for acoustic detection of whale and dolphin activity  during the Alexandra Basin Redevelopment Project. 

Charlotte O’Kelly managing director and co-founder of Techworks Marine commented that “ we are delighted to have been awarded one of the largest marine data monitoring contracts of its kind in Ireland.  Techworks Marine is already successfully supplying marine data solutions to clients as far a field as Sweden, Turkey & Jamaica- all connected back to Dublin through our CoastEye Global Monitoring Portal. However this new contract will now showcase our proven capability in the development of Robust, Reliable and Secure marine data systems right here on our own foreshore in Dublin Bay.” 

Commenting on the deployment, Phil Trickett, CTO & co-founder said that “Our CoastEye Data Buoys send data back to our cloud based Global CoastEye Monitoring Portal via 4G networks, or via satellite if required, every 20 minutes, so our clients, Dublin Port and their environmental specialists, will be able to monitor the environment continuously at the offshore site. These buoys will continue monitoring over the coming period of years and are a major asset to ensure environmental protection and will provide unique datasets.

While TechWorks Marine based in Dún Laoghaire was recently voted among the Top 100 Marine companies globally by the international Marine Technology Reporter, Charlotte O’Kelly noted that “as an Irish company we are extremely proud to have been awarded this contract, and we have deliberately made an effort to team up with other innovative Irish companies to provide cutting edge best-in-class solutions, to ensure our clients will have robust, reliable and secure marine data for the full contract duration.  

In this context, two of the CoastEye Data Buoys will be tethered using a new innovative mooring system from Irish start-up company TFI Marine. “Our dynamic tethering system reduces significantly peak loading, and simultanously, being elastomer, provides a more silent mooring thus enabling improved acoustic monitoring” said Noel Halloran CEO of TFI Marine equally delighted that this project will showcase TFI’s capability.