TechWorks Marine deploy data buoys and ADCP frames for Greater Dublin Drainage Project

TechWorks Marine have deployed 4 real-time coastal data buoys and 2 bottom mounted frames for Irish Water as part of the Greater Dublin Drainage Project ( The 6 systems are deployed off the north Dublin coastline and are expected to be operational for up to 2 years.

Data Buoys:

The “Minke” buoys measure real-time turbidity and also have a number of self-logging sensors such as a Seabird 16plus conductivity, temperature sensor with a seapoint turbidity sensor and bio-wiper in the water column and a C-POD (passive acoustic sensor) just off the seabed monitoring marine mammal activity in the area.

Data is transmitted live via GSM, to the CoastEYE Portal from which we can remotely manage and access the buoy network health and scientific data. The entire buoy network is managed through a single portal, key features include watch circle alarms, sensor alarms and automated WMO based standard quality control of all data sets.

Bottom Mounted Frames:

The bespoke bottom mounted trawl resistant frames measure tide and current data using Nortek AWACs Acoustic Doppler current profilers. These instruments are self-logging and will be deployed for approximately 1 month to monitor a full tidal cycle. In addition dye and drogue surveys will be undertaken during this period. This data will then be processed and used for model studies, specifically looking at high resolution sediment transport.

The multi-disciplinary team at TechWorks Marine designed and implemented these solutions for Irish Water and will manage ongoing operations of this campaign. Irish Whale and Dolphin Group are supplying expertise in the area of Marine Mammal Surveys and related data analysis as a sub-contractor to TechWorks Marine Ltd.

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