Cost effective device to extend ADCP deployments

TechWorks Marine has developed a chip which can be easily added to your existing ADCPs to increase memory capacity from the standard 4GB to 64GB on both RDI Sentinel and Nortek AWAC sensors.

This easy to fit chip, will considerably enhance your existing ADCP pool in terms of sensor versatility.  Adding the TechWorks Marine Chip will extend the deployment length of an RDI Workhorse Sentinel 600 KHz ADCP at 50m (1m bin) from 43 days to 155 days at 1Hz sampling frequency. Up to now the single biggest limitation with ADCP deployments was memory, as battery limitations are easily overcome by adding additional battery packs.  With an increased need for continuous data sampling at high ping rates in sectors such as Marine Renewable Energy and Coastal Engineering, the TechWorks Marine Chip is a very cost effective way of ensuring longer deployments without costly equipment turnarounds during a survey. This new chip is aimed at existing ADCP’s and brings them in line with the newer ADCP’s now available on the market place (Nortek AD2CP and TRDI Sentinel V) in terms of memory capacity.   To find or more, come and visit on Stand W21 at Ocean Business 2015, or contact us on +353 (0) 12365990 or