TechWorks Marine Successfully Deliver 8 Real-Time Data Buoys to Sweden and Norway

TechWorks Marine have delivered 7 real-time coastal data buoys to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) and the University of Gothenburg (GU), as well as 1 buoy to IMR (Institute of Marine Research, Norway), as part of a framework agreement.

These 8 systems are deployed around the Swedish and Norwegian coastline and have now been operational for over 12 months. The 1.2m buoys measure a number of parameters ranging from wind speed and direction to seawater temperature, salinity and oxygen as well as chlorophyll and turbidity, and are equipped with a current metre as well as a current profiler.

Data is transmitted live via GSM, (they are all equipped with Iridium backup) to the CODAS (Coastal Oceanographic Data Acquisition System) Control Centre from which the different partners can remotely manage and access their buoy health and scientific data. The entire buoy network is managed through a single portal, key features include watch circle alarms, sensor alarms and automated WMO standard quality control of all data sets. The multi-disciplinary team at TechWorks Marine designed and implemented the buoy solution for SMHI,GU and IMR have worked closely with them in the delivery and ongoing operations of this Buoy Network. Equipment was supplied by Airmar, Nortek and Seabird Scientific with the data logger, including all the remote control software being supplied by TechWorks Marine.

Markus Andersén, from SMHI commented onthe project “Operating buoys is not easy and this project has been no exception. There’s a lot of testing, verifying and small changes involved before a buoy reaches peak performance for a specific measurement site. TechWorks Marine has been very supportive throughout the project.”

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