Charlotte O'Kelly


Charlotte co-founded TechWorks Marine in 2002, she has a background in Environmental Resources (BSc) and Applied Oceanography (MSc). Over the last 15 years Charlotte has worked exclusively in the field of Operational Oceanography. She has been involved in a wide range of projects worldwide, both designing and deploying metocean monitoring platforms as well as being data manager on large EU marine projects.

Since taking the helm at TechWorks Marine she has continued to develop the business into new sectors (marine renewables, aquaculture), as well as grow both the commercial side of the business and the R&D activities of the company.

Languages: English & French

Philip Trickett

Technical Director

Phil received a BEng from Kingston University before going on to a PGDip in Physical Oceanography specializing in sediment dynamics. Philip is responsible for the management of the technical team at TechWorks Marine. This includes the design and development of the TechWorks Marine Black Box (TMBB) range of data acquisition and transmission systems.

Philip’s background in real-time data acquisition system development, laid the foundations for TechWorks Marine Ltd. His key technical skills include embedded hardware, software design and implementation, operational oceanography including mooring and integrated system integration, deployment and servicing, troubleshooting of scientific sensors and hardware/software issues.

Languages: English

Dan Lazell

Operations Manager

Dan is a Marine Biologist (BSc) with over four years extensive working experience in marine engineering, consultancy, field research, environmental management and operations and logistics predominantly in the marine environment. Daniel is responsible for the operational management of Techworks Marine field team of engineers and scientists from project conception and development to final close out. Daniel has an extensive background in the marine sciences and working in remote and challenging environments including the Middle East and Indonesia. He is a highly professional and motivated person whose personal strengths are determination, kindness and efficiency.

Languages: English & Indonesian

Dan Maher


Dan is founder of Nua Venture Ltd, a strategy consultancy focused on early-stage technology-driven enterprises. He is a Commissioner of Irish Lights and a former Director of Ireland’s SmartBay Marine Test and Demonstration Facility. Between 1997 and 2009 he was the Head of Technology Strategy with ACT Venture Capital. His early career was with Digital Equipment Corporation in France and the US, and with Siemens in Germany. He is Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Academy of Technology and Innovation Assessment (Germany), and is a former Chair of IBEC’s ICT R&D Committee (Ireland). Dan has a life time passion for the marine environment.

Languages: English, French & German 

Glenn Tarpey

Junior Embedded Engineer

Glenn joined TechWorks Marine in 2019 as a Junior Embedded Engineer. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown and has since progressed on to study Data Analytics in Dublin Business School. 

As a Junior Embedded Engineer he is involved in all aspects of technical development in Techworks Marine such as developing and improving our sensor systems to data processing and analysis. He has been the lead engineer developing the software for Minibuoy, as well as being heavily involved in the software development for our data acquisition systems.

Languages : English


Dr. Karl Moore

Senior Scientist - Ocean Optics

Karl joined TechWorks Marine in August 2017 as Senior Ocean Optics Scientist. Karl has a diverse background in electro-optic instrumentation, radiative transfer and ocean colour validation activities. His main research interests have concentrated on the interaction of light in the ocean with emphasis on developing scientific ocean-going optical instruments and their calibration. Karl was awarded the Ph.D., M.Sc. and B.Sc. (Hons) degrees in Experimental Physics from University College Dublin.

Karl began his working career as test engineer for Hughes Aircraft Company, San Diego, where he was involved in testing of solid-state imaging detectors. He then completed a Ph.D. developing an ocean-going spectral radiometer for SeaWiFS validation. He held postdoc positions at the University of Miami researching the impact of whitecaps on ocean colour satellites, and later at the Marine Physical Lab (MPL) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, specialising in laser-based underwater imaging systems. At MPL he focussed on underwater laser-based imaging technology for mine countermeasures in turbid coastal waters. He also worked at Physical Sciences Inc., MA as Principal in the development of in-water fluorescent mapping probes and imaging systems for AUV deployment.

Languages : English & American

Graham Cullen

Oceanographic Engineer

Graham joined Techworks Marine in September 2013 as our oceanographic engineer. He qualified as a Mechanical Engineer in the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2009 and obtained his masters (1:1) in 2012. His master’s thesis was in the area of marine renewable energy focusing on the optimal layout of tidal turbine arrays. The research consisted of both analytical and numerical (using computational fluid dynamics) analysis of flow through tidal turbines. After finishing his masters Graham completed a five month internship with OpenHydro’s Resource Assessment team before joining Techworks Marine.

As an oceanographic engineer Graham is responsible for the design of instrument mountings for our buoys and bottom mounted frames, and is also the mechanical designer for custom client projects. Graham is also involved in equipment assembly, instrument setup, data processing and analysis, deploying and recovering marine equipment. Graham is also our operational health and safety officer and has a level 2 national power boat licence and a certificate in marine first aid.

Languages: English

Sinéad McGlynn

Earth Observation Manager

Sinéad McGlynn joined TechWorks Marine in June 2018 as Earth Observation Manager. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Natural Sciences from Trinity College and a PhD in astrophysics from UCD. Sinéad has extensive experience in the space sector, with two postdoctoral scholarships in Europe and 5 years of industrial experience in multiple Irish SMEs. Sinéad has been involved in several ESA-funded projects in the fields of materials engineering and Earth Observation data analysis, and is responsible for managing current and upcoming ESA projects at TechWorks Marine.

Ciara Gilligan

Marine Scientist

Ciara Gilligan holds a Bachelors Degree in Earth & Ocean Sciences from the University of Ireland Galway, with experience in environmental consultancy and field research in aquaculture projects, renewable energy projects, wastewater treatment systems and water supply schemes throughout Ireland. Ciara has extensive knowledge in the use of Geographical Information Systems for the preparation and delivery of informative maps and illustrations.
As a marine scientist Ciara is responsible for deploying and recovering marine equipment, oceanographic surveys, analysis and interpretations of metocean datasets.

Cormac Mac Donagh

Field Engineer

Cormac Mac Donagh holds a Bachelors Degree in Earth Science from University College Cork, focusing his thesis on Coastal Zone Management. He went on to to study a Masters in Sustainable Energy & Green Technologies from University College Dublin where his thesis concentrated on the development of the Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site in Belmullet. Cormac has been involved in the marine environment since a young age, deploying and maintaining navigational aids and mooring systems and across Ireland with his family's business. Cormac is also a qualified sailing instructor and a keen diver.