Monitoring Solutions

Metocean Services

CoastEye Decision Support Software

Metocean Equipment Sales and Rental

Ports And Harbours

Monitoring equipment and metocean survey services for the development and management of ports and harbours. Data acquisition and management solutions.

Coastal Engineering

Operational oceanography services supporting coastal engineering projects. MetOcean surveys, real-time data acquisition system integration, data management solutions

Water And Utilities

Water quality monitoring, water level and flow sensors, real-time in-situ deployment, satellite data products

Academia & Research

Supporting academic and research organisations with oceanographic instrumentation and integrated sensor platform solutions as well as data acqusition and managenent systems

Marine Renewable Energy

Metocean surveys, data management and dissemination, ADCP deployments, environmental impact assessment


Data buoys, data loggers, sensors, metocean and hydrographic surveys, live video links, ROV inspections.


TechWorks Marine kicks off new ESA contract as part of Incubed programme

March 4, 2020

TechWorks Marine and ESA’s Phi-Lab have joined together to develop an innovative coastal monitoring solution – CoastEO.

CoastEO will provide a seamless data collection method and information platform which facilitates easy access to in-situ coastal water measurements and associated validated EO information. The January 2020 kick-off meeting brought together a table of enthusiastic and innovative marine scientists, data analysts and forward thinking entrepreneurs.

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DTIF awarded to TechWorks Marine & DCU

Nov. 18, 2019

TechWorks Marine and DCU Water Institute kick off Disruptive Technologies project “Advanced Decision Support System for Coastal Areas”

TechWorks Marine and the DCU Water Institute announce their collaboration on a 3 year project following the joint award of €1.1M from Project 2040’s Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund. The project, Advanced Environmental Decision Support System for Coastal Areas, will see the commercialisation of the DCU Water Institute’s optical sensor technology, and integration with the advanced data analytics capabilities of TechWorks Marine.

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